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Welcome to ABC, the modern cancer practice for Egypt. ABC provides state of the art comprehensive multidisciplinary cancer care focusing on early detection, prevention & cancer treatment with a special interest in breast cancer. At ABC we care about the details.


Caring about details in cancer practice and especially breast cancer means that the different discilines and programs with their minute details are present not only together under one roof but working in harmony. That includes dedicated and trained breast cancer surgeons, medical oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, histopathologists, clinical pathologists, anaethesiologists, genetic specialists, cardiologists, psychologists, physiotherapists and cosmetic support specialists.


Caring about details means also the presence of integrated programs. That includes REAL weekly tumor board meeting with the presence of the different cancer physicians especially the surgeons, oncologists and radiotherapy consultant. Includes also the presence of an integrated breast reconstruction program with a team of oncoplastic surgeons together with plastic surgeons. Includes also a program for early detection and genetic counseling. ONE STOP PROGRAM is also an important program where the patient meets her surgeon and breast radiologists at the same time performing the necessary breast imaging procedures and taking immediate decisions for the different biopsy and complicated breast interventionnel procedures.


Moreover, are the other small details regarding the proper recording and documentation of the patients data as well as the proper and dedicated writing of patients medical reports.


Last point of the details include the fine details of hospitality as well as the friendly & cooperative team.


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Prof. Omar Sherif Omar MD, FEBS, FACS - Medical Director
Consultant of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Cairo University


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